Erevena Assist Boilerjuice in Hiring NED
Erevena Assist Boilerjuice in Hiring NED

Erevena Assist Boilerjuice in Hiring NED

Simon Guild joins Boilerjuice as Non-Executive Chair

Boilerjuice was founded in 2004 as a price comparison service and has evolved into the UK’s leading, independent digital marketplace for domestic heating oil. With significant and growing UK market share, they have the opportunity to capitalise upon this position with an evolution of service proposition and continued high quality execution.

Erevena was instructed by the CEO and PE Fund (Living Bridge) to search for a Non-Executive Chair. The right person would bring strategic thinking and depth of insight into marketplace dynamics to help the board think through their company vision and execution. Boilerjuice appointed Simon Guild, a serial non-executive and former CEO of MTV Europe who has worked on the boards of multiple digital pureplays (Xing, BigPoint, Babbel, Vonq and The Idle Man).

Erevena was prepared to think outside the box and presented a varied shortlist of highly attractive candidates. They ran a thorough and professional process and were a pleasure to work with.

Ian Ronald, CEO

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